SUSTAINABILITY – Solvent-based recycling, alongside mechanical recycling, should take on a larger role, according to entrepreneur Norbert Fraunholcz. He explains in this article what this entails.

INTERVIEW in Innovation Origins
13 DECEMBER 2022

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Dragons’ Den: recycling engineering plastics by dissolving.

The Netherlands – Recycling high-quality engineering plastics requires a specific approach. According to Norbert Fraunholcz of startup Resolved Technologies, dissolving is the best option for most plastic types in this group of materials. During Dragons’ Den of Transition, the startup is looking for chain partners. And Fraunholcz immediately thinks a little bigger. He is also looking for partners to introduce the ‘dual carbon and circularity credit’.

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ReSolved Technologies received a €50k tender-based grant from LIOF (regional development agency for Limburg) for further improving its solvent-based process.

ReSolved Technologies was incorporated in The Netherlands.

We acquired a unique solvent-based technology developed for engineering plastics, such as ABS, HIPS and PMMA.

We studied the supply chain of plastics in the EU, in which we analyzed important factors such as China’s ban on importing plastic waste in 2018, recent changes in the EU legislative framework and the capabilities of the current recycling infrastructure to meet the challenges on the road towards a circular plastic supply.
We concluded that solvent-based and chemical recycling methods are important corner stones in addition to mechanical recycling to reach this goal.

We have carried out a comprehensive study to evaluate and compare available recycling technologies for plastic waste, i.e. mechanical, solvent-based, chemical (depolymerization and thermal decomposition) and biological methods. We concluded that the solvent-based technology has a great and yet underestimated potential to play an important role in the future technology mix to recycle plastics, especially engineering plastics and (soft) PVC.